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Becker Tire provides a State of the Art Bandag Retreading Plant located in Great Bend, KS. We have been with Bandag for 35 years and continue to stay up to date with technology and equipment, receive the highest quality raw materials, and keep our employees up to date with In-House Craftsman Training from Bandag.

We also provide quality retreaded products and services for the commerical tire market. Any fleet, regardless of market segment, industry or size that is serious about reducing tire related costs, should look into retreading as a key part of their tire management solution.

Listed below is the the Bandag Process:

Initial Inspection - A visual, hands-on inspection from bead to bead, inside and out, is done to find and mark all visible defects. As well as an electronic inspection to locate penetrations that are not visible to the naked eye.

Shearography / Casing Analyzer - This is an inspection to determine the conditions within the casing. The casing is subjected to a vacuum while lasers measure surface anomalies. An animated visual aids the technician to determine if the tire can be retreaded.

Buffing - The casing is inflated to operational pressure. The process removes the old worn tread design and trues up the roundness and prepares the the surface for a new tread.

Repair - Removes injuries found during the initial inspection and replaces the matieral with structurally sounds materials that will return the casing to a useful life.

Applying Cushion / Extruder - In a one-step process, an uncured bonding layer (cushion gum) is extruded onton the prepared casing surface, all skives are filled, and the shoulders are stripped. Now the casing is ready for its new tread.

Building - The builder automotically applies the new tread to the inflated casing so it is straight, centered, and the end splices match.

Curing - The casing is encased in an envelope. From there the Bandag bonds the new tread using a low curing temperature that will allow the new tread to permantely adhere to the prepared casing.

Final Inspection - This a 7-point visual and physical inspection to endure tread and repairs are properly cured and no additional problems arose during processing.

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